Installing Unabiker Radiator Guards - CRF450X

So you purchased your new Unabiker Radiator Guards and are excited to get them installed. Take just a few minutes to read this How-To install article before you get started. This "How-To" written by CRF's Only member "Old Fat Guy" or otherwise known as OFG.

1. Remove radiator shrouds.

2. Remove radiator to frame bolts.

3. Remove stock plastic deflector, take needle nose and squeeze the tangs together, pull deflector off.

4. Remove wire holder from rubber radiator grommet, reinsert in Unabiker guard from the backside.

5. Unabiker guard between radiator and frame, start top and bottom bolts, make sure locator tabs on wire holder are in position on the frame.

6. Take screwdriver or needle nose and remove stock shroud retainer clip.

7. Tighten both radiator to frame bolts.

8. Remove bolt from electrical bracket, you will now remount bracket on the inside of frame, bolt will come through from the backside (tiny fingers would help here).

9. Take needle nose and bend locator tab up and back over the frame.

10. Now, locator tab is bent over the frame, with the bolt tight, it will stick out just a little. I decided to use a dremel to grind the bolt down flush with the frame, I wanted the Unabiker rear bracket to lay perfectly flat on the frame.

11. Insert the provided bolts in the top, second, and bottom holes, leave the third hole empty. (I chose not to use the washers supplied with the kit). You may have to wiggle or use an awl to get good alignment on the holes.(each bike will be a little different) Put the supplied lock nuts on, leave them all loose until you get all three started, then tighten up. Now you are ready to replace the shroud. I started all the shroud bolts but the bottom, I did it last. You may have to push the radiator rearward a little with your hand to get the middle shroud-brace bolt started. The bottom is a little difficult but it will go, and it will tighten up.

12. However, I did not like the way it stresses the bottom of the shroud, So I went to the hardware store and bought a couple ¼ nylon spacers.

13. I put the spacer between the Unabiker and the shroud, and used the longer allen bolt and nut provided.

14. Tighten all shroud bolts, stand back and admire the new protection! Not to mention the Bling factor!!.

15. Now do the other side,(much easier).


The Unabikers come packaged in plastic wrap protecting all pieces from scratching. A complete bolt kit is included, with locknuts. The instructions are pretty good, they do not mention a couple minor things, but are generally pretty good.


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