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Works Connection

Works Connection

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Diamond Springs

CA. 95619
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Add a Pound, Gain 1400 in Protection.


You say you rarely ride in rocky areas, so you don't need the protection offered by massive, heavy, and expensive full coverage skid plates? You just want extra protection for that $1000 aluminum fame and those $200+ (each!) crankcases? Well then smile, dirt boy, because Works Connection has just what you need, a simple and easy to install skid plate that weighs barely over a pound!



Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Works Connection http://www.worksconnection.com

Price: $69.95

Weight: 17.3 oz. complete.

Hardware Included: Everything required for a quick installation.

Tools Required: 8mm socket for front clamp bolts; 10mm socket for engine guards; philips drive for rear clamp bolts.

Instructions: Yes


Its cleverly designed clamps make it breeze to install, too. It comes with good instructions, so read and follow them! All the necessary hardware is included, as well as a free foam insert to prevent mud build-up between the engine and skid plate. And if you later want to add protection for the side cases with engine guards that are quick and easy to install and remove, Works Connection makes a set that works beautifully with their basic skid plate.



The Podium

  • Beautifully designed and manufactured.
  • Cleverly designed and easy to use clamps; strong but light.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Includes all necessary hardware.
  • Helps protects frame and engine crankcases.


The Pits

  • Narrow design offers no protection outward of the frame tubes. For serious off-road protection the optional engine guards would be necessary.



CRF's Only Review By Gordon Banks, November 2004
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