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Crashing Often Hurts....


Crashing often hurts, and it always slows us down and loses time. That's bad enough, but it's even worse when the bike is damaged in the fall. One type of damage we hope never to see is brake fluid dripping to the ground from a cracked (or worse) rear brake master cylinder. We're not only facing a repair bill of at least $100 just for parts (plus tax, shipping, etc.), now we have a bike that will be no fun nursing it back to the truck or trailer. Plus, it's probably Sunday, so no new parts are available until the cycle shop opens, and the chances are slim that they'll have what we need in stock, so it will have to be ordered. In other words, we may miss any riding opportunities next weekend too!


Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Works Connection http://www.worksconnection.com

Price: $32.00

Weight: 1.4 oz. with bolts

Hardware Included: Everything required for a quick installation.

Tools Required: 12mm socket and 5mm hex key or socket

Time to Install: 2 minutes

Instructions: Yes .


An ugly scenario, isn't it? But it happens to someone, somewhere, every Sunday. And since we sure don't want that someone to be wearing our boots (mine aren't all that comfortable anyway), we're going to equip our bike with good protection, right? One way to do that is to bolt on a simple but effective Works Connection Rear Master Cylinder Guard. It's not expensive, it's easy to install, and it gives you extra peace of mind (and I need all the extra pieces I can get!). We bought our bike to enjoy riding, so let's not needlessly put that enjoyment at risk. Adding a guard over that oh so vulnerable rear brake master cylinder is a no brainer. Just do it!


The Podium

  • Beautifully designed and manufactured
  • Super easy to install; strong but light
  • Helps protect the rear master cylinder from damage


Savvy off-road riders know that certain parts need extra protection, and one good way of providing that protection is to add a low-cost Works Connection Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard. I did. I'm protected!


The Pits

  • None


CRF's Only Review by Gordon Banks, December 2004
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