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DRD Hour Meter

Flatland Racing Radiator Guards (CRF250X)
SRC CRF230F Fork Brace

Works Connection Engine Guards (250X)


Fastway Billet Shark Fin (250X)

Motion Pro "MP" Tool


Clarke 3.0G Fuel Tank (250X)


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BillyWho Factory Fill

More Works Connection Products

SFB Racing Clutch Cover CRF450R

iCAT Ignition Enhancer


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Current Reviews

Head and Valve Service for Honda CRF OEM Parts

Dubach Racing Development - Complete S/A Exhaust System for the Honda CRF150R

Check out our review of the first CRF150R exhaust available. If you're looking for more power, especially down low, then read this review....just click here.


BBR Motorsports - XR/CRF100 120cc Big Bore Kit

Motor builders know there's no replacement for displacement. If you're looking for more power from your XR/CRF100 check out our review of BBR's 120cc big bore kit...just click here:click here

BRP Racing Products - SUB Mount

If you have, or are considering purchasing, a Scotts Steering Stabilizer, you'll have to give some thought to how you'll mount it. BRP has given this a lot of thought and the result is the BRP SUB mount. Check out our review here: click here

Powersport Grafx - Custom Graphic Kits

When you think of graphics kits I'd bet the first name that comes to mind isn't Powersport Grafx. However, after reading this review when you think of custom graphics kits you will likely only think of Powersport Grafx. Check out our review of Powersport Grafx Gripz™ custom CRF's Only graphics kit for a Honda CRF450X. click here

Cycra Racing - Stealth Hand Shields

You might think hand guards or hand shields are for the off-road crowd and not for a motocross rider like yourself. Think again. Cycra has a developed a shield that won't cramp your motocross style but will save your hands from flying track trash. Check out our review of Cycra's Stealth hand shields on our Honda CRF450R click here.

Pro Moto Billet - KickIt Kickstand

If you need a kickstand the Pro Moto Billet KickIt kickstand promises to be the most unique kickstand you can find. Check out our review of this kickstand on Honda CRF450R click here.

Pro Moto Billet - Shark Fin

Pro Moto Billet produces great billet products for the CRF. They are probably better known for their billet cargo racks then for their shark fins. Check out our review here.

White Brothers - E2 Exhaust

White Brothers has long been known for 4-stroke performance products. The E2 is just one of many performance exhausts from White Brothers. However, this exhaust is designed to meet the U.S.F.S 96db limit for off-road riding. Check out our review here.

SFB Racing - Ignition Guard

SFB Racing has an innovative solution to help protect the vulnerable magnesium ignition covers. Check out our review here.

Applied Racing - Factory Triple Clamp Set

Applied Racing offers a great triple clamp solution for CRF450X and CRF250X owners. This review shows you their innovative solution to getting the benefits of an aftermarket triple clamp while retaining the stock headlight. Click here

Applied Racing - Emission Block Off Kit CRF450X

Applied Racing has a kit to remove the "smog pump" from the CRF450X and CRF250X. This review will walk you through the installation of this kit. Click here

Flatland Racing - Rear Disc Guard

Flatland Racing rear disc guard. Can it not only protect your rear disc rotor but correct a Honda design flaw? Check out our review and find here.

Mototech Solutions - Powerpegz

Mototech Solutions Powerpegz offers a unique twist, literally, on the common foot peg. This peg pivots instead of providing a fix platform. The result? Read our review for all the details. Click here.

Applied Racing - Crankcase Vent Kit CRF450R

Applied Racing has created a crankcase vent kit for the Honda CRF450R, CRF450X, CRF250R, and CRF250X. Check out our review of this product. Check out the reivew here.

Works Connection - Skid Plate for the Honda CRF450X

Works Connection has created an incredible skid plate for the new Honda CRF450X. This is unlike any other skid plate on the market. Check out the reivew here.

Team Hawg Racing - MX EZ UP

Team Hawg Racing has produced a hydraulic lift for the home wrencher. Check out our review to see if it's worthy to take up space in your garage! Check out the reivew here.

Engines Only - 250cc Big Bore Kit for the Honda CRF230F

There's a saying that goes something like this, "There's no replacement for displacement." Check out our review of Engines Only250cc Big Bore Kit for the Honda CRF230F by clikcing here.

iCAT USA - iCAT Review of on the CRF230F and CRF250X

You may have heard or even read about the iCAT device. No doubt you have questions. The least of which is, "Does it actually work?" Gordon Banks reviews this device on a Honda CRF230F and his review here.

Boyesen QuickShot Accelerator Pump Cover

Is your CRF suffering from the bog and hesitation off idle? If so, you've likely heard of the Boyesen QuickShot as a possible solution. Check out our review for details by clicking here.

Works Connection - Ignition Cover Protector

Works Connection has created yet another first in their Ignition Cover Protector. They've combined the engine guard and ignition cover protector in one unit. Check out the reivew here.

DMG Tek - SAGsetter

Setting your race SAG is usually a two man job. Your buddy holds the bike and takes the measurements. Well, think again. DMG Tek has created a one-man SAG setting tool called, what else, the SAGsetter. Check out our reivew here.

Flatland Racing - Odometer Spacer

Flatland Racing obometer spacer allows you to remove the stock odometer drive. Why would you want to remove the stock drive? If you've replaced the stock odometer with a Trail Tech Computer or some other aftermarket computer. Check out our review.

BillyWho - ManFunnel and Factory Fill

I'm sure you've seen these odd looking plastic funnels. I guess if you can't find a way to reinvent the wheel, reinventing the funnel is the next best thing. Let's face it, none of us really enjoy changing the oil on our high rev'ing Honda CRF motors. With two oil drain points, both of which are in awkward locations, changing the oil is messing. The ManFunnel promises to make this core quick, easy, and clean. Check out our review of this unique solution to a messy maintenance task.

The Factory Fill continues where the ManFunnel finishes. Once the oil is out the Factory Fill will help you get new oil back in cleanly, accurately, and quickly.

Dubach Racing Development - Hour Meter

Sure you are meticulous about your maintenance. The only problem is knowing when it's time for that maintenance. Dubach Racing Development (DRD or Dr. D) had the answer with their Hour Meter. When installed it will help you tracking your maintenance intervals. No more guessing how long you road the last few times! Read this review before you ride again!

Flatland Racing - Radiator Guards

Flatland Racing is probably not the first name you think of when considering radiator guards. Perhaps that's about to change. These are the Fort Knox of radiator guards. Check out the review of Flatland Racing Radiator Guards on a Honda CRF250X and see for yourself!

Summers Racing Components - Fork Brace

The Honda CRF230F is a great trail bike and can even make a competitive woods bike. Unfortunately, the stiffness of the forks suffer when charging hard. Is the SRC Fork Brace the fix? Read our review to get the details. In additon, learn how to replace the fork fluid and about a critical error in the Honda CRF230F Shop Manual.

Dubach Racing Development - End Cap and Quiet Core Insert

Ride the track, off-road, and woods? Need a different pipe for each? DR. D's End Cap might be the answer. Check out our review of this end cap on a 2005 CRF450R for all the details.

Trail Tech - Computer Kits and Billet Protectors

Computers! Can't live with them, can't live without them. Trail Tech extends this thinking by suggesting you shouldn't ride without one too! Check out our review of both Trail Tech's computer kits and billet protector for the Honda CRF250X and CRF230F. Also, highlighted is Trail Tech's computer kit for the Honda CRF450R.

Applied Racing - Factory Triple Clamp Set

Sure your new 2005 CRF450R came with triple clamps. Sure they 'work'. So, why even think about replacing them? How does lighter, stronger, more adjustable, and your choice colors (red, black, silver, or blue) sound? Interested? Well, checkout our review of the Applied Racing Factory Triple Clamp set.

Twin Air Filter Clean and Oiling Kit Called "The System"

Twin Air will not only provide you with quality air filters but also help you keep them clean and oiled. Check out our review of something they call "The System". This "System" has it all, cleaner, filter oil, contact cleaner, tubs with lids for cleaning, oiling, and storage. It even comes with gloves to keep your hands clean during use.

Twin Air Power Flow Kit and Complete Seal and Power Flow Kit

Twin Air is no stranger in the off-road motorcycle air filter market. They've been producing OEM replacement air filters for our bikes for a very long time. Chances are you probably have one on your bike right now. However, the stock OEM setup is often not performance oriented or in some cases not even effective in keeping out the dust. With backfire screens, poorly designed seal rings ('02), and weak fitting filters we could all use a better solution. Twin Air claims to have the answers with their Power Flow and Complete Seal and Power Flow kits. CRF's Only reviews each of these systems on new 2005 Honda CRF250X and CRF450R.

Works Connection - Body Armor

Works Connection may be known for their tricked out, color anodized add-ons that give any bike that factory look. What you may not know them for is their body armor. If it's bolted to your frame they have something that can help protect it. In our reviews we put their rear caliper guard, engine guards, frame guards, radiator braces, and skid plate through the paces. Check out the currently published reviews. More to follow!

Fastway Performance - F.I.T. Handguard System

Okay, so now you've heard of Fastway Performance from our previous review. That was just an appetizer. Checkout one of the toughest Handguard systems on the market in our review of the Fastway Performance F.I.T. Handguard System. Our review was performed on the the Honda CRF250X.

Rekluse Motor Sports - Z-Start

Rekluse Motor Sports is a premier manufacturer of automatic clutches. Their flagship product, the Z-Start, is said to help amateur riders of all levels and disciplines improve speed, eliminate stalling, and increase ride enjoyment. Our review takes a close look at this innovative solution to removing the need for that clutch lever. Review was performed on a '05 CRF250X. For CRF450R owners - we also hope to do a CRF450R review of the Rekluse in the near future so stay tuned.

Yuasa 1.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

The magic behind the e-button is your battery. Unfortunately, batteries are just like the rest of your motorcycle; it needs some TLC to perform its best. There are lots of battery chargers and maintainers out there. This isn't a shootout, just a review on one that works and works well. If you have a CRF250X or a CRF230F, or are planning on purchasing the new Honda CRF450X you need to read this review.

Fastway Performance - Billet Sharkfin

Haven't heard of Fastway Performance? That's about to change. Fastway makes some really sweet products for the CRF. See our review of the Fastway Billet Sharkfin for the '05 CRF250X.

Summers Racing Components - Skid Plate

So, you finally got your new '05 Honda CRF250X home and can't wait to get out there and rip up those trails? Before you do you better think about protecting the underside of that beautiful new bike. SRC, known for their fork brace, makes some of the strongest skid plates available. In fact, they are one of the few companies making a skid plate for the CRF250X that protects the bottom rails as well as the sides of the motor.

Motion Pro - "MP" Tool

Ok. we've all been on the side of the trail with something that's worked itself loose. Sitting there staring at it for a good thirty minutes rarely tightens things up. So, what's the answer? Find out if Motion Pro's "MP" Tool is the answer you've been looking for.

Clarke Manufacturing - CRF250X 3.0 Gallon Fuel Tank

The CRF250X is arguably one of the most successful first-year bikes in off-road motorcycle history. While many use it as a dual purpose track and offroad tool it was design for pure offroad riding. Which means eventually you're going to find yourself asking an important question, "Am I going to have enough fuel to get me there and back?" Clarke Manufacturing has the answer. Clarke is one of the premiere manufacturers of aftermarket fuel tanks for the Honda CRF250X. Stay tuned as CRF's Only reviews Clarke's 3.0 gallon fuel tank on a 2005 CRF250X.


Product Reviews

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