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Do You Ride in Blue Jeans?

If you're riding in blue jeans with your pants legs loose, you should be riding a Suzuki, so why are you at this website? If you ride with proper boots, then you already know you need to pull off that silly plastic sprocket cover to prevent the buildup of mud and trash around your sprocket. But then the bolts are too long to secure the steel case guard, which looks kinda ratty anyway. You don't want to ride without a case guard, though, because a broken chain could stack up ahead of the sprocket and do nasty things to a very expensive engine case. What to do, what to do?


Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Fastway Performance, Inc. - http:/fastwayperformance.com

Price: $19.99 MSRP

Weight: 1.0oz. (Replaces 3.3 oz. of Honda Parts)

Hardware Included: Everything required for a quick installation.

Tools Required: 8mm socket to remove old part, 4mm Allen wrench to install

Instructions: None required

Installation Time: Two minutes including the old part

Applicability: Honda CRF250 and CRF450

FastWay has just the answer! Their hard-anodized billet aluminum case saver with stainless steel mounting bolts not only helps protect the engine case against a broken chain jam, but looks trick as well! And it takes only minutes to make the swap. It weighs less than a third of the parts it replaces, too! Yep, this is another no-brainer decision.


Left: Honda stock-look Right: Fastway Performance pro-look!


The Podium

  • Well designed
  • Adjustable for 13T and 14T sprockets
  • Super strong
  • Attractive appearance


The Pits

  • None


CRF's Only Review Conducted By: Gordon L. Banks, November 2004
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