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Stealth Technology Available Now!


Stealth technology is no longer just for jet fighters and bombers. It's now available to you and I via Cycra's Stealth Hand Shields. If you're all about motocross you're probably getting ready to bail on this product review. Besides Pastrana and the off-road crowd who else runs with hand guards right? Well, perhaps that's because there hasn't been a viable option for motocrossers...until now.


What makes Cycra's Stealth handheld so unique? First, they are not the "wrap-around bar-end" style that is probably in your minds eye right now. These guards mount to your handlebars and don't interfere with your controls or your hands. They are designed to protect your hands not your controls.


Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Cycra Racing http://www.cycraracing.com

Price: $49.95

Weight: 7.8 oz.

Compatibility: Any CRF model.

Colors: Various colors available.

Hardware Included: Everything required for installation.


The mounting bracket is aluminum and contoured to mount directly on the handlebars next to your normal controls. It mounts very securely and moves the Stealth's shield out far enough as to not restrict access to levers. Since they do not wrap around to the bar ends there's absolutely no chance you'll have issues there either.


The plastic is of a high quality and the red matches well with the stock Honda red plastics. The shape of the shields isn't boring like so many others. If it's possible for a hand guard shield to look "fast" these definitely do.


The Podium

  • Excellent design and quality
  • Great roost protection
  • Absolutely no interference with controls and hands
  • Excellent appearance
  • Quick and easy installation




Installation is quick and easy with only one exception. The stock throttle housing has an extension that provides the proper spacing from the front brake perch. In my opinion, this is an obvious lawyer design "feature". If the front brake perch were installed too close to the throttle housing there wouldn't be enough clearance to actuate the lever. Hence the "need" for a spacer to make sure this doesn't happen at the factory or with the consumer. To install the Cycra Stealth Hand Guards you'll need to remove this extension. This can easily be accomplished with the use of a hacksaw and file. Once removed the hand guard mounts quickly and easily.


Cycra Stealth Hand Guards - Throttle Side Installation Pictures


On the clutch side, you'll need to move the kill switch to the other side of the guard mount to achieve maximum hand shield coverage.




These are absolutely the best hand guards for motocrossers who are looking to keep fingers and knuckles from becoming roost wreckage. The guard is adjustable allowing them to be positioned to provide the best possible protection. Their look and function are excellent. They provide the roost protection you need without making your bike look like a trail bike. Definitely consider adding Cycra's Stealth Hand Guards if your favorite tracks are laden with knuckle busting sized rocks.


Before and After Pictures


The Pits

  • If you ride with your controls in an extreme upward position, your perches will force the guard upward where they will provide little protection.

CRF's Only Staff Review September 2005
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