CRF250X FMF Power Bomb Worth Buying?
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    CRF250X FMF Power Bomb Worth Buying?

    by oldmxer95 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:41 pm

    I bought a FMF Q muffler & Power Bomb header today for my 2016 250X. When I got home, I measured the diameter of the stock header & the Power Bomb. They measure the same. My question is the Power Bomb worth buying?

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    by JimDirt » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:27 am

    If your just going to be trail riding and not doing any racing and don't have any major mods done like a cam and high compression piston , then the stock header will work about as good as any of the aftermarkets , and if your using the stock X muffler it will be much quieter than any aftermarket header/muffler setup (which keeps the neighbors and greenies happier) , as long as your jetted correctly for your elevation with maybe the top of the airbox cut , for better breathing , (which would be a must for a aftermarket header to breath correctly)the stock header should work fine and you wont notice a major difference for just trail riding

    Most aftermarket headers are usually RPM specific , where the stock header is designed for working OK everywhere , not great anywhere , but average and smooth power delivery everywhere , so you need to look at the specifics of that particular headers working range and see if it will benefit you where you usually run the bike , the key is to make the parts work with how/where you ride , if they won't gain anything , then its not worth the purchase and your better off leaving it as is ..
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