Suspension Database
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    Suspension Database

    by crfsonly » Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:30 am

    Please keep other info out of this thread. Only answer the questions. Copy and paste to keep format uniform.

    Note: Clicker adjustment should be expressed in clicks from full hard.

    Rider Weight:
    Rider Weight with Gear:
    Riding Style (i.e. Desert, MX):
    Forks Raised in Triples:
    Rear Tire Size:
    Aftermarket Triples/Offset:
    Fork Springs Wt:
    Fork Spring Brand:
    Fork Oil Amount:
    Fork Oil Brand & Weight:
    Fork Compression:
    Fork Rebound:
    Fork Valving:
    Shock Spring Wt:
    Shock Spring Brand:
    Shock Hi speed Compression:
    Shock Lo speed Compression:
    Shock Rebound:
    Shock Valving:
    Shock Oil:
    Race Sag:
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  • redrooster65
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    by redrooster65 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 12:16 pm

    Year: 2004
    Rider Weight: 185
    Rider Weight with Gear: 195
    Riding Style (i.e. Desert, MX): Woods
    Forks Raised in Triples: No
    Rear Tire Size: 100/100-18
    Aftermarket Triples/Offset: No
    Fork Springs Wt: .44
    Fork Spring Brand: OEM Heavy
    Fork Oil Amount: Stock
    Fork Oil Brand & Weight: Honda 5W
    Fork Compression: 7
    Fork Rebound: 11
    Fork Valving: Stock
    Shock Spring Wt: 5.1
    Shock Spring Brand: OEM Heavy
    Shock Hi speed Compression: Standard
    Shock Lo speed Compression: 12
    Shock Rebound: 14
    Shock Valving: Stock
    Shock Oil: Stock
    Race Sag: 100mm
    Preload: 26mm
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    marks crf
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    by marks crf » Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:33 pm

    Year:2005 crf250r
    Rider Weight:77kg
    Rider Weight with Gear:79kg
    Riding Style (i.e. Desert, MX):MX,freestyle/free riding
    Forks Raised in Triples:unknown
    Rear Tire Size:19
    Aftermarket Triples/Offset:unknown
    Fork Springs Wt:set up for a 77-80kg mx rider/racer
    Fork Spring Brand:race tech
    Fork Oil Amount:unknown
    Fork Oil Brand & Weight:unknown
    Fork Compression:unknown
    Fork Rebound:unknwon
    Fork Valving:unknown
    Shock Spring Wt:set up for a 77-80kg mx rider/racer
    Shock Spring Brand:race tech
    Shock Hi speed Compression:unknown
    Shock Lo speed Compression:unknown
    Shock Rebound:unknown
    Shock Valving:unknown
    Shock Oil:unknown
    Race Sag:100-105mm

    my setup is pretty good i just tell the guy at the suspension place what i want done and he does all the work
    next time i'll ask what oil and clickers he puts on my suspension ;) ;)
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    by stkman62 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:19 pm

    Year: 2005
    Rider Weight: 175
    Rider Weight with Gear: 195
    Forks Raised in Triples: 1/2
    Rear Tire Size: 110/90
    Aftermarket Triples/Offset:
    Fork Springs Wt: .43
    Fork Spring Brand: factory connection
    Fork Oil Amount: 340 cc
    Fork Oil Brand & Weight: 5
    Fork Compression:12
    Fork Rebound: 12
    Fork Valving: stock
    Shock Spring Wt: 5.3
    Shock Spring Brand: FC
    Shock Hi speed Compression: 3 turns
    Shock Lo speed Compression: 13
    Shock Rebound:10
    Shock Valving: stock
    Shock Oil: 5
    Race Sag: 108

    i haven't used these setting yet i just bought the springs from factory connection and had my suspension serviced and they suggested these settings they are much different then i was using before
  • stkman62
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    by stkman62 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:57 pm

    these setting worked great for me enduros & hare scrambles also it made the bike turn much better that was the main reason i made the change Factory Connection is a northeast company and understood what i wanted, i'm from PA
  • taylorcraft
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    by taylorcraft » Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:43 pm

    Rider Weight: 190
    Rider Weight with Gear: 195
    Riding Style (i.e. Desert, MX): Hare Scrambles
    Forks Raised in Triples: 5mm
    Rear Tire Size: 100/100 x 18
    Aftermarket Triples/Offset: no
    Fork Springs Wt:.46
    Fork Spring Brand:OEM
    Fork Oil Amount:375cc
    Fork Oil Brand & Weight:5# Maxima
    Fork Compression:12
    Fork Rebound:12
    Fork Valving:std
    Shock Spring Wt:5.4
    Shock Spring Brand:OEM
    Shock Hi speed Compression:1 1/2
    Shock Lo speed Compression:12
    Shock Rebound:8
    Shock Valving:std
    Shock Oil:Maxima
    Race Sag:100mm
    Preload:Spring length 254mm

    I weighed about 210 with equipment I am about 195 now and these settings work great. The springs are from a CRF450. Plush at first hold up well turn in sharp great in whoops and sand. Deflect a little in rocks might soften it a little and/or lower tire pressures for rocky tracks

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