My '04 CRF230f was stolen near Deltaville, VA Sunday night
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    My '04 CRF230f was stolen near Deltaville, VA Sunday night

    by john04crf230f » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:10 am

    I posted this message on the general board too... felt it might be good to post it here too. If you guys see or hear anything, it might just help track this thing down and catch these guys that did this...
    This past Sunday night / eary monday morning (June 21st, my '04 CRF230f was stolen from my friend's house on Hwy 33 between Hartfield and Deltaville, Virginia. I had it out for sale at his house where I have had good luck selling vehicles in the past. This is a pretty safe area with little / no crime generally, but I did have the bike secured to a telephone pole with a kryptonite type cable lock. The theifs apparently cut the lock or cable, but had trouble getting the cable off the bike because I had it wrapped around and through the sprocket, wheel and frame (to make it difficult to get off if this happened). So they drug the bike through to the neighbors yard where they then apparently loaded it onto a truck.
    I had added a headlight to this bike so it no longer has the number plate, but it was otherwise stock. I was asking $1,900 for it, but these guys apparently didn't like that idea and felt the 5 finger discount was better. There's nothing worse than a thief in my book.
    A police report has been filed and they are looking for it, but that will be like finding a needle in a hay stack. I have the VIN (Serial) number for the bike which will help identify it if it located.
    If you would, please keep your eyes out for a otherwise nearly new 230f (the thing only had about 30 hours on it) that may have busted the ignition switch off of it (they won't have the key of course so likely broke this). I wouldn't be surprised if they try to sell it so if you see one for sale for a 'too good to be true price' that may be because it is stolen.
    The police think that the thiefs were probably from out of town from the Richmond or Hampton Roads area (a lot of people come here from those places in the summertime) and that they will likely try to sell it in one of these markets when the heat cools off on it.
    Feel free to e-mail me any questions. I am going to try to post pictures of it on my profile.
    - John

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