IM from N.Y. I want to ride in Penn.
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    IM from N.Y. I want to ride in Penn.

    by Buckets » Sat May 31, 2008 10:03 pm

    hello I here the great state of Pennsylvania is trail friendly .Im from New York where they hate anything fun .
    I was wondering where I can ride thats close to The Wellsville area I would be comming through Welsville Taking route 19 south into rt.449 Can I ride right around there someplace .How do I know where I can ride ? I went to some state sponsered website but Im still not sure.
    Is there a dirtbike dealer of anykind around there to provide me with info and pay the registation fee for your state . I would be interested in reading any comments you guys have .
    Are there really "groomed " trails there ?

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