No-Toil Customer Service , Wow !
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    No-Toil Customer Service , Wow !

    by JimDirt » Wed May 08, 2019 6:36 pm

    After fighting dirt getting past my filters since I have had my 02 CRF450R , and trying literally every filter and oil on the market with no positive results , I checked with No-Toil as I had seen they have "Extreme" filters , but to my dismay I found that they do not make a "Extreme" filter for the 02 CRF450R , so I decided to give them a call , I talked with Ryan Jensen , who said he would have the guys make me up 6 Extreme filters , ..... for $60.00 shipped , I was happy , and they sent my filters , I used the Green Oil and went about my riding last season , but still finding some dirt getting past the filter (dirt was on the inside of the filter) , and tried Filter Skins and extra oil , with no confirmed stopping of the dirt (I had already sealed the boot 2 times , so that did not seem to be the issue as far as I could tell) , , so flash forward to this season , so I have been riding a lot lately , I rode the week before last , Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday , and this past weekend Saturday and Sunday at the MX track I frequent , so Sunday night I pull my filter in preparation of washing the bike as usual after every ride , I had just changed my oil on Saturday night , with Amsoil Dirt (I feel they should call it JimDirt , but that's another issue) , the conditions were pretty dry and dusty Sunday , so I expected the air filter to be dirty , even with the Filter Skin over it ..... it was ..... so I pulled the filter and there was a lot of dirt inside the snorkel area past the filter (as you can see by the J , I wiped on the snorkel with my finger) this was just from Sundays ride

    So I called No-Toil and spoke with Ryan again , and he asked for pictures , which I sent (as shown above) , he showed them to the guys and then got back to me (he called me) and said , that they feel the issue is the airbox not sealing , even though I had re-sealed it , and my best bet would be finding a 03-04 airbox , and he said when I found one , to call him and he would help me out (this was on Monday) .......

    So I located one on EBay today , it was for $70 or Offer , so I offered $30 , figuring the guy would go up , so he countered back with $50 , so I countered with $45 and he accepted , which was fine with me and what I was hoping to pay anyway ...... So I called No-Toil and asked for Ryan ... he was busy , but they said they would let him know I called and he would call me back as soon as he was free .... so around 5pm my time , the phone rings , its Ryan , I told him I found a 03 airbox on EBay , and said , well , now I have a bunch of Extreme filters for a 02 , and nothing for a 03 , so I have a airbox , but no filters for it ...... So he said , not to worry , he will be sending (tomorrow it ships) a "box of goodies" , I said what do you mean ? , he said , I will be sending you 5 Extreme filters , some cleaner , and a airbox wash cover ...... at no charge !!! .... How awesome is that ??? =DD

    I can not say enough about their Customer Service and commitment to make sure the customer is happy , I can't wait for everything to arrive , hopefully before the weekend so I can ride without worrying about dirt getting to my valve seats and into my carb bowl again ........ Yay !!!! \:D/
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    Re: No-Toil Customer Service , Wow !

    by Aussiecrf230 » Thu May 09, 2019 12:47 am

    Hopefully that cures the problem Jim.

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