CRF250L clutch error
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    CRF250L clutch error

    by Simonconde » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:55 am

    I bent one of the teeth on the shifter spindle after one too many crashes onto the shift lever. I replaced the shifter spindle with a new one (changes gears again!).
    However- the clutch won’t disengage now. I put the engine case back on, went to reattach the clutch cable (only mild spring tension) and the clutch now has a hard stop before it’s disengaged as opposed to a clean progressive disengagement. I popped the bike into second and can’t move the rear wheel at all. Seems like the clutch is seized?
    I had the engine open two weeks ago while I diagnosed the spindle problem, then closed up the engine case until I went to replace it today.
    Any ideas??
    2015 CRF250L for reference.

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