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    by jackfrank » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:39 am

    Welcome to the site , Jack !! \:D/

    Though you could have gone ahead and made your own post , so it would be directed towards you rather than others thinking it is a post from 2018 , as the original topic was started back then ......... But it's ok .......

    Anyway , plenty of info and good people here ...... If you have questions or need to know anything , just ask (you can start your own post for it :-~ ) , and there is never a "stupid" question , only stupid mistakes from not asking questions ..... ;)

    In other words , if you want to know something , or have a concern or issue with your bike , just ask , and someone will try to get you the help you need , or at least try ..... we are all dirt bike enthusiasts here , so most likely one or more of us has run across the same issue you may have and might be able to help you resolve it .... Or , If you have knowledge or info , then feel free to share it or to help others , as that is what this place is about !!! ;)
    Thanks for your great response. I love your thoughts and goodwills. I am riding a motorcycle for ten years, and now I am facing a problem with my ears. After riding some miles, my ears sounds itself usually, and then I feel worse. I don't know what happened with, but someone tells me that it may be the loud sounds of the motorcycle or sounds of the noise hit us the ear the time of riding. So my question is that have anyone has any noise canceling idea so that it doesn't become a big problem for me?
    Have you considered using Ear Plugs ??? , they would offer protection (just like they would if you went to a loud concert) . and still allow you to hear , though not as clearly , but you would be able to talk and listen to someone while wearing them , That , along with your helmet should give you enough ear protection to stop any worry about hearing damage , that is what most of the Pro Racers use , is some form of ear plugs ;)

    Like these , they are made specifically for wind noise , but still allow you to hear .. ... /motosafe/
    Hey Jim,
    Thanks for your great response.

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