Will 2003 CRF450R forks fit on my 2004 CRF250R?
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    Will 2003 CRF450R forks fit on my 2004 CRF250R?

    by HONDACRF250R » Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:43 am

    I need a set of forks on my 04 crf250r, my left one has a big dent in it and it pisses oil like crazy. My other one just started leaking oil last weekend, and I have decided that just a pair of seals won't do the job. So I have found a pair of 03 crf450r forks and I am trying to find measurements for them to see if they will fit my 250. The part number for the wheel bearings are the same and the triple clamp bearings are the same too, now I don't know if the axel is the same for its length? I also don't know if the fork holes in the triple clamps are the same either. I do know that the forks are made by Showa so they should be similar and that the 450 forks have a stiffer spring in them then the 250. If anyone has a crf450r 03-04 could you please measure the diameter of your forks right under each triple clamp and the length of your axel, anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.

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