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  • Brand:Twenty20
  • Model:W989-1202

Price : $249.99 $237.49

Twenty20 Helmet Camera

NEW 2007 VERSION - Even Higher Resolution, Brighter Image, and Richer Color than before!

Coming in at a total weight of 10oz (with a battery). Twenty20 offers the smallest and lightest Helmet Cam on the market.

Why Twenty20? Their systems are the only helmet cameras to use a CMOS chip set so everything is run off a single 9 volt battery. A single 9 volt battery will last up to 20 hours. Twenty20 products also include a 1 year warranty.

The camera mounts on your helmet with a marine grade velcro and also includes a microphone and mini-jack connector to plug into any recording device with an A/V input. Now you can show all your friends your POV view of your adventures.

The Camera

Twenty20 has partnered with OmniVisionTM, an award winning semiconductor manufacturer and world renowned designer of CMOS camera chips, to introduce their latest OmniPixel2 technology to our action sports cameras. The release of the 2007 camera allows Twenty20 to be the first CMOS based Helmet Camera to rival CCD cameras in quality, while maintaining advantages in size (3" x 1"), weight (4oz.), battery life (20hrs.), durability (1yr. warranty), availability (your local dealer) and price ($249.99).

The camera used has a small overall form factor, fitted with the next generation of CMOS camera technology. This technology substantially reduces power consumption and required voltage, thus significantly extending battery life to 20 hours on a single 9-volt battery. Additionally, the CMOS assembly process yields a camera that has greater vibration resistance as well as longevity, when compared to the aging CCD technology used by most other cameras.

The unique housing for the Twenty20 camera uses aluminum material to ensure the camera chip stays dry and protected from the most extreme conditions. The wiring is supported with a strain relief so don't worry about pulling the wiring out of the back. Twenty20 is proud to make a user friendly, but extremely durable Helmet Camera.

Resolution: 656x492 (480 scan lines)
Dimensions: (L) 3 " x (D) 1"
Fps: 30
Operating temp: -14°F - 122°F

The Mount

In 2006 Twenty20 introduced the first machined metal mount that slips around the front of the camera and screws into place. Now you can eliminate all the duct tape, zip ties, and whatever "helmet mount" contraptions you've seen littering your adventure area.

The helmet mount comes fitted with two pieces of interlocking high density mushroom head Velcro. Do not be fooled by imitators: standard Velcro (called hook and loop) has one soft side and one rough side. Hook and loop is not water resistant, if it gets wet small amounts of force (such as wind resistance) can cause the Velcro to detach. Mushroom head Velcro is much stronger and will not lose its grip even in high pressure submersed situations.
The Microphone

The Twenty20 Helmet Camera includes an external microphone to be clipped to the top of your jersey for all your color commentating or used to capture the sound of your machine.

The Twenty20 microphone features a high-gain input, as well as noise cancellation. It is always recommended to locate the microphone where direct wind won't interfere with the sounds o f your ride.

The Cable

The Twenty20 Helmet Camera includes a 12-inch record cable with a standard 3.5mm mini-jack plug on the end. The video signal travels down the record cable and plug into the A/V input on any recording device. This 3.5 mini-jack plug can be easily adapted to fit RCA inputs, as well as most other proprietary connections.

To ensure your recording device has an A/V (Audio/Video) input please visit the Twenty20 Camcorder Compatibility List to view information on all the camcorders on the market. Beware that some Sony camcorders do require a connector (also listed on our camcorder list) to make a helmet camera compatible.

Please contact Twenty20 Support if you have any further compatibility questions or need any help finding a recording device

The Battery

The Twenty20 battery pack boasts the smallest and lightest battery pack you will ever find with a Helmet Camera. The battery pack powers the entire system with just one 9V battery and one connection. Using Twenty20's simple "Y" cable design, there are no extra wires and no chance of misconnecting your camera. Twenty20's battery tests showed that most "off the shelf" batteries lasted between 16-20 hours. That's five times the life of a CCD camera powered by the typical 8 AA batteries. What's more, Duracell has just released a Lithium Ion 9V battery for smoke detectors that's purported to last ten times longer that a standard 9V.

Are you tired of using 8AAs to power your helmet camera? Well now's your chance to eliminate all of those extra batteries, cutting the weight and battery expense of your helmet camera experience.

Battery: Single 9volt = 16-20 hours of power
Dimensions: 4 ¼" x 1 ¼" x ¾"