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  • Brand:Motopower Video Productions
  • Model:MVP-CRF-S

Price : $37.95 $36.05

Honda  Showa Shock Maintenance Video
Honda Showa Shock How-To Video: CRF450R, CRF450X, CRF250R, CRF250X by Motopower Video Productdions

The Service manual recommends that the shock oil and seals be replaced each year. Shock valves and shims are changed to set the suspension just the way you like it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to pay a shop more than $200 for suspension maintenance. The cost of the oil, seals, shims and valves are relatively inexpensive. Most of the cost is the shop labor. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it yourself with confidence just like the pro’s do? We’ll show you how to maintain your shock for a fraction of one service charge.

This DVD is designed for those who prefer watching a demonstration rather than reading a manual or fumbling your way through the process. After watching our detailed step-by-step video, you should be able to service your shock in approximately 2.5 hours (not including the nitrogen charge) if you possess moderate mechanical skills.

We’ll show you how to do this in your garage with minimal special tools. The mechanic speaks slowly so you can watch the video and take notes if you like. Unlike most maintenance videos that focus on the actor, this video is shot at close range so you can see the details. You can see each part through disassembly and reassembly. No steps are skipped

What you’ll get:

A detailed video performed by a certified motorcycle mechanic on a 2003 Honda CRF450R.

NOTE: The shock on the Honda and Suzuki are the same except the fork tube diameters are different. Removing the shock from the Suzuki may vary slightly from the Honda but the concepts are the same.

This DVD contains the following:
• A DVD sectioned into chapters so you can find information quickly (Shock removal, Maintenance, replacement)
• Detailed tool list
• How to remove the seat, subframe and shock from the motorcycle
• How to disassemble and clean the shock
• Basic operation of the unit
• Description of valve and shim replacement
• How to replace the seal
• Complete reassembly
• Proper oil filling and air bleeding procedure
• Proper re-installation procedure.
• Bonus section - How to properly set the sag and determine if you need a different spring.

What you don’t get:
• Specific torque settings.
o Consult your service manual since this procedure applies to many motorcycles and your bike may contain aftermarket parts.
• Recommendations on shim modifications –
o We recommend you talk with your local suspension expert since riding preference and trail conditions need to be factored into the decision.

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