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Setting Sag a Drag? Not with SAGsetter !


One of the first things you should do with a new bike is set the race sag. Of course, we don't always do what we should, especially if it requires someone to help us do it.


I'd guess there are those reading this review that have a bike or two in their stable that needs the sag set. Am I right? You're probably avoiding it because you need a buddy to help you. When your buddy is there you forget, when he's gone you remember. Sound familiar?



Quick Facts

Manufacturer: DMG Tek, Inc.- www.dmgtek.com

Price: $69.95 MSRP

Instructions: Included and additional information on DMG Tek's website


In comes the SAGsetter from DMG Tek. This very clever device promises to help set your sag accurately AND by yourself! I was skeptical so I asked our friends at DMG Tek for a review model.

First, the quality of the finish product is excellent. The scale is accurate and easy to read, the steel barrel is well machined, the clamping fixture is strong and easy to use. Second, the instructions are well written and provide even a newbie easy step-by-step directions on setting sag.


Does It Work?

In a word..yes! You can actually set your own sag quickly and accurately with the SAGsetter. Here's how it works:


1. Place your bike on a stand so the rear wheel is off the ground.

2. Insert the lower rod end into the rear axle hole.

3. Extend the SAGsetter vertical and clamp to the rear fender.

4. Make sure SAGsetter is parallel to the rear wheel motion travel.

5. Zero the SAGsetter scale by loosening the thumbscrew on the fender clamp and sliding the scale until zero aligns with the top of the scale tube and tighten the thumbscrew.

6. Slide the indicator o-ring to zero.

7. With full riding gear, remove bike from stand and balance with both feet on the pegs for a few seconds.

8. The location of the o-ring is your current sag setting.

9. Adjust your sag according.


The Podium

  • Extremely well designed
  • High quality construction and components
  • Allows sag to be set without help from a friend
  • Also doubles as a wheel alignment tool


No subtracting, no buddy to help you set the sag, and it doubles as a wheel alignment tool. Yeap, a wheel alignment tool. You can use it to accurately align the rear wheel axle.



Having the sag set properly is one of the most critical setup steps. I'm often surprised at how many do now set their sag. If you haven't yet, or haven't checked it lately, then do yourself a favor, get the SAGsetter.

If you have at least one bike, there's a good chance at one point you rode that bike without setting the SAG.


The Pits

  • At $69.95 might be pricey for those who don't race or ride regularly

Review by: CRF's Only Staff, May 2005
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