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Adjusting Compression Has Never Been So Easy!


Life can be harsh at times...but that doesn't mean your forks have to be. Just change your forks compression settings...it's easy. Yeah, right. It's easy if you can get a screw driver to them. With fat bars and adjustable bar clamps getting to the adjusters IS the hard part. Ride Engineering has created a product to make adjusting your suspension simple with no external tools required. I'm serious!



Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Ride Engineering http://www.ride-engineering.com

Price: $89.95

Includes: Two adjusters, 8 set-screws, and an allen wrench for installation

Weight: 20 grams (0.7 oz.)

Instructions: Included (see Installation Notes below for tips and tricks that will make installation easier)


Imagine being able to pull off the track, adjust your forks compression settings to match the current track conditions and then pull back on the track and continue your practice session! No, you won't have to have a screw driver up your sleeve to pull off this trick. All you need is Ride Engineering's Bolt-on Compression Adjusters for Showa Forks.



The Podium

  • Once installed, adjusting fork compression couldn't be any easier. No tools required
  • Air bleeder screw is still accessible if you follow our installation tips
  • Red anodized adjusters look really trick
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Lightweight


The first thing you notice about these trick little parts is the excellent quality and finish. The Showa version are red anodized which looks sweet on the Honda CRF450. The second thing that comes to mind is these babies should be really easy to install. Well, it was very easy once I learned a trick or two. If you follow these tips and tricks in the installation notes below you'll have these installed in a matter of minutes.




The important question is do they work? Absolutely! Once installed they perform as promised and make adjusting your fork compression quick and easy. Best of all, no tools necessary! Not only do they work but they look pretty sweet atop the gold Showa fork tubes.


The Pits

  • Installation initially was frustrating, but the installation notes in this review will make installing these quick and easy

Installation Notes

  1. The provided installation instructions suggest the best way to install the adjusters is to loosen the upper and lower triple clamps to rotate the forks to get the necessary access to the set-screws. This certainly will work but I decided to just remove the bar clamps to get access. The pictures appear to show the final position of the adjusters parallel to the bars. However, the correct position would be about 60 degrees from the stock position. This will rotat the adjuster wheel to the outside for better access while still leaving access to the air bleed screw.
  2. There needs to be space between the Adjuster Base and the Adjuster Wheel or the Adjuster Wheel will bind when turned. This was the source of all my installation woes. Essentially when you get the correct spacing and then tighten the set-screws the Adjuster Base shifts causing the Adjuster Wheel to bind. So, here's what I did to make the installation a "no brainer". I took an ordinary file folder (it was the thickest paper i could find) and cut out a circle just smaller than the Adjuster Wheel. With a center hole cut out I placed it over the Adjuster Wheel (see photo left). This allowed me to press down on the Adjuster Base while tightening. Once tightened I simply removed the file folder "donut" paper (I had cut from the outer edge to the center to allow for easy removal). Using this technique made installation quick and easy.
  3. The included Allen wrench can be used successfully. However, since the screws are lower than the outer rim of the top of the fork using a ball-end Allen wrench makes tightening the set-screws easier. Ride Engineering agrees and will be providing a ball-end Allen wrench in the future!
CRF's Only Staff Review - November 2004
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