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This one requires no real exercise from our skull stuffing. If you're one of the many who has removed the stock Honda odometer in favor of a Trail Tech or similar computer, you don't want to keep flogging the expensive stock odometer drive unit for nothing. To replace it, you need a suitable spacer, and Flatland Racing makes the nicest I've seen. It weighs about the same as the Honda odometer drive unit, but looks much nicer. Installation is pretty straight forward and simple, just remove the front wheel, remove the Honda odometer drive unit, pop out the seal, insert the seal into the spacer, put the spacer where the odometer drive was, and put the wheel back on.


Quick Facts

Manufacturer: Flatland Racing http://www.flatlandracing.com

Price: $24.95

Weight: 3.5oz.

Weight of Items Removed: 3.6oz.

Compatibility: CRF250X and CRF450X

Hardware Included: None needed other than the spacer itself

Time to Install: 20 minutes

Tools Required: Standard metric hand tools.

I suppose the best reason to replace the Honda odometer drive is to save it for whoever buys your bike later on. I wanted it for this reason, and because it's it easier to remove and replace the front wheel without it. Plus, since the odometer drive is no longer doing anything, it just doesn't make any sense to to leave it on the bike. As the photos show, it sure looks nicer without it!


The Podium

  • Outstanding design
  • Very well manufactured
  • Beautiful polished finish
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Allows the expensive Honda odometer drive to be removed and saved when not using the Honda odometer


The Pits

  • None (except that it is so highly polished, it's hard to photograph!)


CRF's Only Review by Gordon Banks, March 2005
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