'14 CRF250L Headlight issue. Battery?
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    '14 CRF250L Headlight issue. Battery?

    by JensenBreck » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:58 pm


    He wrote down on the paperwork that there was a recall on the starter relay and he took it to the dealer to have it replaced back in '15 sometime.
    It's been on it's side (looks like on a trail) more than once. My turn signals are jacked up (and mirrors and rear brake but that's beside the point)
    I'm leaning towards the battery. I don't think I have the owners manual but if I did I'm assuming honda would have included the wiring diagram like they did with my trx300fw!
    I think I read somewhere the manual is under the seat? seems weird to me but I have yet to pull the seat off.
    any insight is appreciated.?

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