what was the outcome
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    what was the outcome

    by KO » Sun Jun 25, 2006 10:19 pm

    I have not seen any recent posts on your 450X for DR? I keep checking out Dirt Riders website but haven't seen anything, just wondering how the unit fared. Did they do a shootout or suggest all bikes are to different to do this. Any ratings?
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    by Aspired » Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:37 pm

    It is in the newest issue of Dirt Rider - (The Internet Bikes) pretty interesting to see this kind of thing done.

    They liked the CRF'sOnly bike but burntout the auto clutch mainly from abuse though it sounded like but all liked the Rekluse's overall performance.

    They noted problems starting and erratic idle also.

    The rest was all good reviews - easier to stat the few minor problems then all the positives. Could have just been some altitued / temp / slight adjustment issues.

    I personally hope they take off that front light, man it is ugly but I bet it is as bright as the sun at night.

    I wish we were fortunate enough to ride it too though, and that Service Honda CR 500 AF

    The best suggestion - Make sure you have a manual!
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    by crfsonly » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:01 pm

    i still haven't received my issue...what's up with that? anyway, the first day the idle was irratic...i went up one on the pilot and that took it away. the starting part puzzles me. three quick blips of the throttle and it starts right up. so, i'm guessing they didn't follow this procedure.

    the clutch...well that's folk lore now. 2 feet of snow and it's bound to happen if ridden in that white stuff long enough.

    chris loved this bike...he point blank said it has the best suspension of any bike he's ever ridden with the possible exception of shane watts factory works bike. the power put a huges smile on his face.

    yes, the light is off mostly to preserve it from damage when not needed. and yes, it lights up the night sky like noon day.

    i would have brought it to KM but we have a family vacation planned at the same time.

    for those that really liked the white plastic and graphics...or for those who really didn't like them...they are off now and replaced with the stock red plastics and our other CRF's Only Gripz graphics. No other modifications have been made from the bike they tested.


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